Neck Massage Techniques – Why It Is Important To Be Comfortable

We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of a knot in our shoulders and neck. Work stress, family and home life stress can take its toll, for this reason it is very important to take some time for yourself and get a massage or at the very least benefit from some easy neck massage techniques.

You can receive a neck massage from a professional or a loved one, but it is important to be in a comfortable position when receive the massage or else the benefits from the massage techniques for neck pain will not be achieved. For instance, someone can rub your shoulders for hours and you won’t feel any relief if the neck massage was given while you were in an uncomfortable state. If your muscles cannot relax, the tension they are experiencing from life will not be able to go away no matter how hard someone tries.

So find a comfortable place, even a chair will do as long as you are positioned properly to achieve the best results from the neck and shoulder massage techniques. To get situated just right, straddle a chair backwards and place a pillow between you and the chair so that you can rest your head and chin over the pillow. Make sure the chair is high enough so that the person giving the massage does no have to strain themselves in order to massage your neck. Have them stand slightly at an angle with their knees bent and with good posture.

Another option of course is a massage table, but anything else will probably not do. Lying on a bed can make matters much worse as you will have to turn your head to the side, which strains your neck muscles even more. So before you take the time to get a massage, make sure you have picked out a suitable location that is not only fine for you, but also fine for the massage giver.

Once you have found that perfect place, relax. Let all of the tension seep from your body and thoroughly connect with the person giving you the massage. Make sure the pressure is to your liking and is not hurting you at all, the neck massage technique, if done properly should be strictly relaxing and cause you no pain. If the pressure applied is ever too much for you, be sure to speak up. While deep tissue massage can be beneficial, especially if you have a particularly troublesome area, it should never cause you so much discomfort that the massage has caused you further stress. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids after any massage as this will help flush the toxins from your body that have been released during the massage. These neck massage techniques will help you relax and be a happier more centered being.

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