Facial Massage Techniques – The Benefits of Getting a Facial Massage

As with all other forms of massage, facial massage techniques vary depending on where you receive them. However, the common thread among all facial massages is that their benefits can be seen and felt almost immediately. Getting a facial massage on a regular basis or giving yourself one can keep your skin looking younger, can make it smoother and firmer and ultimately more beautiful.

How is Facial Massage Able to Do This?

Facial massage and massage techniques in general release tension, increase circulation and reduce impurities and toxins. Therefore facial massage techniques can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and normalizes the moisture balance as well as tightens the facial muscles.

Massage Techniques for Facial Massage

Whether you are getting a massage from someone or giving yourself one at home, the techniques are the same. The length is very important, a facial massage shouldn’t last for more than 20 minutes otherwise it is possible to stretch or lengthen the facial muscles. Also be aware of any skin sensitivities you have before getting a facial massage. Sensitive skin is more easily damaged or irritated, so beware of what is being used on your face and the amount of pressure that is used.

A gentle touch is very important. Pressure should never be exerted and special care should be taken around the neck area. Softly work the different areas of the face, always moving in an upward motion.

Benefits from Facial Massage Techniques

Massaging the forehead and nose helps to reduce the appearance of horizontal lines. The nostrils are massaged to unclog pores and prevent blemishes. The mouth and cheeks can be rubbed to help prevent wrinkles and sagging facial muscles. The area around the eyes are rubbed to prevent wrinkles and get rid of heavy bags. And the chin and neck are rubbed to strengthen facial muscles and hopefully prevent a double chin from forming. Lastly, the ears are massaged and pulled back as they are a pressure points that stimulate the rest of the body.

To put your best face forward each and every day, treat yourself to a facial massage from time to time, either from a professional or from yourself. Try it for a few months and see the different in the appearance of fine lines, the strength of your facial muscles and the overall glow that your face will emit. It is also a great way to do something special for yourself, it only takes 20 minutes, but the benefits will astound you.

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